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Review: Miss S's Kang Min Hee And Kanto Steam Things Up On The Sultry Slow Jam 'Call Me Noona' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | April 22, 2014 09:13 PM EDT


There is a very specific art to singing the hook on a hip-hop track.

Look at the late Nate Dogg, longtime Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre collaborator. In his 41 years on the planet he never sung a single note that wasn't completely necessary in the song, planting the hook in your mind for all eternity, in the process.

Though Kang Min Hee's new collaboration with rapper Kanto "Call Me Noona" has a lot more singing on it than just the hook, as the sole vocalist in the Korean hip-hop duo Miss S, she is undoubtedly used to coming in on the chorus.

And it is that specific skill for keeping it simple, solid and irresistible that Kang evokes as she steps into the central spotlight on "Call Me Noona," that makes the song just flat-out feel good to listen to.

For anyone not proficient in Korean slang, a noona is an older girl or woman and is often used as a term of respect.

In this case, it is referring to a romance between a woman and a younger man. Even without looking at a word-for-word translation of "Call Me Noona," it's pretty easy to pick up on the picture it is painting--a romantic feeling, (a roaring fire perhaps), an experienced but beautiful young woman, an eager young man.

This is the stuff slow jams are made of.

And these two really pull it off. In the mold of all the masters of the slow jam from Al Green to Prince, from Marvin Gaye to R. Kelly, Kang Min Hee and Kanto produce a song that is both a great way to unwind and maybe even take that relaxation to the next level, with somebody you care about.

Check out the new single "Call Me Noona" Miss S singer Kang Min Hee and rapper Kanto RIGHT HERE

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