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EXO Wins 'Asian Most Influential Group' At The '18th Chinese Music Awards'

By Adrienne Stanley | April 23, 2014 01:11 PM EDT


EXO-M made a grand entrance at the 18th Chinese Music Awards, where the group received the Asian Most Influential Group award on behalf of EXO.  EXO defeated popular Taiwanese male group Mayday, Japanese male group SMAP, and JYP Entertainment's 2PM to win the final award of the night. EXO has become one of the most award winning K-Pop groups in recent years, with the group continuing to receive accolades for their 2013 album XOXO and praise for their meteoric rise to fame.

The group received a warm welcome on the red carpet for the 18th Chinese Music Awards, but maintained a rather somber countenance which has been consistent within Korean entertainment since Sewol Ferry accident.

 EXO-M performed their newest release Overdose, as well as the immensely popular track Growl before an enthusiastic audience. Although, the single has yet to be officially released, Overdose has captured the hearts of K-Pop fans with its complex rhythms and a hot hip hop break.

EXO debuted in 2012 and has demonstrated their influence as the members of both EXO-K and EXO-M continue to receive numerous casting and endorsement offers. As the group continues to rack up awards, it is apparent that EXO is on a trajectory to be one of the successful male groups who are currently active in Korean entertainment. EXO-M is currently promoting in China on behalf of EXO, while EXO-K remains within mourning for the victims of the Sewol ferry accident. SM Entertainment has yet to officially announce the comeback date for EXO, although the rescheduled date will most likely occur in May.

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