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One Direction Zayn Malik, Girlfriend Perrie Edwards Engaged: Aunt Tells Haters To ‘Get A Life’ On Twitter, Little Mix Singer Plans Wedding

By Sara Guaglione | April 23, 2014 01:53 PM EDT


Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards are gearing up for their wedding, which is rumored to occur this year, but the Little Mix singer continues to get hate messages from Zayn Malik fans on Twitter. The One Direction singer's aunt took to Twitter to defend Perrie Edwards and told haters to "get a life."

Perrie Edwards has had her share of jealous Zayn Malik fans: she's received death threats, been branded "ugly," "desperate," and a "gold digger"; at one point Zayn deleted his Twitter account because of the abuse, Unreality TV reports.

This week Zayn's aunt Bride Zileh took to the social media site to defend the Little Mix singer when a fan said some awful things about her on Facebook.

"Don't tag me....How dare you tag me whilst your hating on Perrie [sic]," Bride Zileh tweeted, Unreality TV reports.

"Get a life the lot of you," Zayn's aunt added.

It's thought that Edwards, 20, and Malik, 21, will celebrate their second anniversary this week, though no one is completely sure of the exact date when the couple made it official in 2012.

Perrie and Zayn are probably trying to spend as much time together as possible before One Direction heads to Bogota, Colombia to kick off the "Where We Are" tour 2014, which kicks off at the end of this week.

Though the distance might be tough, Zayn and his fiancee have learned how to deal with the distance during their world tours.

"It's gonna be tough but we always make it work," Perrie told Us Weekly about Zayn travelling for much of this year on the One Direction tour. "Lots of texting and talking. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess."

Meanwhile, Heat magazine previously reported that Zerrie have started working on their wedding plans but it's causing some friction between the two. Zayn wants a small, low-key ceremony, while his girlfriend wants to go all out.

"If it was up to Zayn, it'd be just the two of them with close family. But Perrie's imagining things on a massive scale: she wants a castle or to hire a private island," a source told the mag. "Perrie keeps changing her mind - one minute she wants a Disney-themed wedding, then a Caribbean one, then an intimate one in the UK. Her mum and friends are putting ideas in her head, showing her videos of huge weddings on YouTube. Zayn lets them get on with it but deep down he'd prefer something a bit more low-key."

"Everything is so busy. Hopefully we will one day be able to sit down together and start making plans," Perrie Edwards said about her upcoming wedding to the One Direction singer, Us Weekly previously reported. "No date at all in mind yet." 

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