MBC Offers Official Statement For ‘Infinite Challenge’ Gil Caught Driving Drunk

Group Leessang member Gil was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and he's been confirmed to leave the show.

On the 23rd MBC stated, "First of all we would like to bow our heads and offer this message to the viewers. We sincerely apologize for the news that 'Infinite Challenge' cast member Gil was found driving under the influence on the 23rd."

MBC continued, "It's very unfortunate that we had to deliver this unsavory news during this difficult time of sorrow. We understand how disappointed you viewers must feel, and we're currently in deep reflection."

The crew stated, "Currently Gil is not offering any excuses for drinking and driving, and we offer an apology to the people of Korea, and we're reflecting on what's going on. In addition, Gil expressed his desire to take some time off for self-reflection, and delivered news that he will voluntarily leave 'Infinite Challenge.' The crew has decided to accept his leaving, and for now we will continue recording with a 6 member cast."

They also expressed that they would be editing the footage that had already been filmed in a way that would not cause the viewers discomfort. They even edited out a portion of the previously filmed special.

The staff continued, "Lastly we would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to everyone. From here on we will remember the love and encouragement that we received from all the viewers, and will try our best to become a more mature 'Infinite Challenge.'"

"Infinite Challenge" took part in a long term project that would culminate this coming May. They prepared for the 'Korea Speed Festival (KSF)' that is taking place in Sondo, Incheon.

Lately "Infinite Challenge" had been training the cast members for car racing to prepare them to enter in the tournament. The show has been ranking number 1 in viewership, and the racing special episodes were well received. The show is unique in that they deliver their sense of humor while completing unique challenges. The interactions between the members are fun, funny, and overall entertaining to watch.

However, Gil was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, recording a 0.109% blood alcohol level, which is grounds for revocation of his driver's license.

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