Park Min Young's Acting Leaves People in Tears in 'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

MBC TV's weekend drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin,’ featuring Park Min Young with a moving crying scene where her elegant and confident presence has graced the set of the show as a woman of the Chosun Dynasty.

The photo that is revealed by the drama production shows Park Min Young's character trying to hold back tears. Unfortunately, the pain is too much, as she sheds copious tears, revealing passionate and mature acting by Park Min Young. In the scene alone, she showed the viewer her acting prowess.

Through the hard work of Park Min Young and the cast, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ is respected by audiences as a piece with mature acting. Park Min Young is being heralded as ‘the queen of tears’ because of the touching scene. She is unrivaled in her acting and surpasses many of the actresses in the past and present.

Through the scene the viewer’s caught a glimpse of what to come as one of the characters falls sick and must be brought back to health. Everyone waits in anticipation of what's to come in the future episode.

Photo: Lee Kim Production  

Park Min Young
Time Slip Dr Jin


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