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B.A.P Exclusive! Himchan Wants Abbey Road Photo Op, Pharrell Williams Collaboration Would Make Yongguk 'Happy'

By Jesse Lent | April 28, 2014 04:21 PM EDT


The top American producer B.A.P frontman Bang Yongguk thinks his group should work with might surprise some fans, many of whom know the South Korean stars for their edgy, even at times apocalyptic, image.

In a recent exclusive interview with B.A.P, for KpopStarz Japan, Yongguk picked prolific hitmaker Pharrell Williams, who produced and sang on the upbeat pop hits "Happy" and "Blurred Lines" as his top choice as a collaborator, implying perhaps, that he would like to see his group go in a lighter direction.

"I personally think it would be interesting to do music that B.A.P has not tried yet," Yongguk said about working with Pharrell.

"I would like to try pleasant music with him."

And Yongguk isn't the only member of B.A.P with a few rock star fantasies left.

Vocalist Kim Himchan expressed a desire to visit the iconic London recording studio Abbey Road, where The Beatles recorded throughout their career and outside of which took the album cover shot for their final studio masterpiece, bearing the same name.

Himchan became interested in the popular fan destination after B.A.P released the single "Goodbye" with an album cover that was an homage to The Beatles' "Abbey Road," using four different versions of B.A.P's cartoon rabbit band mascot Matoki.

"I would like to go to The Beatles' recording studio Abbey Road in London," said the singer.

If the group does make it to rock's most sacred ground, Himchan hinted that a new B.A.P homage to the seminal Beatles album cover might be in order.

"We did the parody for the album cover of the "Goodbye" single," he said. "It wasn't us walking on the road, but Matoki. So this time, we would like to try walking there."

It looks like Himchan just might get his wish. B.A.P kicked off their first-ever European tour on Sunday.

Interview conducted by Kiyori Matsumoto

English translation by Nanase Yamaguchi

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