‘Superman Returns’ To Star Kim Jung Tae - Posts Pic Of Adorable Son Yakkung!

The newest addition to "Superman Returns," actor Kim Jung Tae, posted photos of his song 'Yakkung.'

On April 29th Kim Jung Tae posted a photo of his song on Twitter along with the words, "Can't beat the early evening nap."

You can see Kim Jung Tae's in the photo, who fell asleep leaning on the sofa. Yakkung looks super adorable with his bowl haircut and his chubby cheeks.

Kim Jung Tae also posted photos of Yakkung at the playground riding a swing, as well as another of him taking a self-camera photo of himself. Kim Jung Tae just can't help himself when it comes to his son.

Kim Jung Tae appeared on "Superman Returns" in March and went on a trip to Busan. In this broadcast, Kim Jung Tae first revealed his lovely first son Kim Ji Hoo, and lovingly gave him the nickname "Yakkung."

Yakkung brought joy to the viewers by dancing along to the music that came on the television, as he showcased his instinctual dance skills.

Netizens who saw photos of Yakkung commented, "Yakkung is more and more charming as the days pass," "His cheeks are just so cute," "Will he take over Sarang?" "I want to see more of Yakkung's dancing," and "I'm really looking forward to the broadcast."

Kim Jung Tae and Kim Ji Hoo have been added as the newest family to "Superman Returns," and they recently completed their first shooting.

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