'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Kibum & Park Ye Jin - Super Market Date!

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On the 11th of June, still cuts from the tvN drama 'I Love Italy' have been released. The photos are from the scene where Park Ye Jin tells Yang Jin Woo that she will be resigning from her position as a director at her museum and that she will be dating Kim Kibum. After her explosive news, she went to a super market with Kim Kibum.

During their date, Park Ye Jin is eating ice cream while happily walking alongside Kim Kibum, who is pushing the shopping cart. The still cuts received a lot of attention for the naturalness of the couple in the drama. They seem as though they are a real couple.

'I Love Italy' is about a 14 year old boy, Geum Eun Dong, who wakes up one morning to find himself aged into a 25 year old man. The drama features a 100 day love story between Geum Eun Dong and heiress Park Ye Jin that will last throughout the drama's 16 episodes. This fantasy-romance themed drama has been gaining a lot of popularity for its comedic scenes and the romance between Super Junior’s Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin.

Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum's romance is very original and unique. Park Ye Jin is an heiress who claims to be an unbeliever of love after she is betrayed by her first love. Kim Kibum on the other hand is an innocent 14 year old boy trapped in a 25 year olds body.

Internet users who saw the still cuts responded with comments like, 'The photos look like paparazzi photos, they look so good together', 'They look like a real couple', and 'The official beginning of their love!'

Photo: tvN

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