'I Love Italy' Park Ye Jin & Super Junior Kim Kibum's Intimate Date!

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In the tvN drama 'I Love Italy,’ Kim Kibum appear as heiress Park Ye Jin's romance interest for 100 days. In the photos that have been released recently show Park Ye Jin lying on Kim Kibum's leg while the two spend some romantic one-on-one time together.

In the still cuts that have been released show the scene where Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin go on a date together after Park Ye Jin announces that she will be resigning from her position as director at her museum. Kim Kibum provides Park Ye Jin with his leg for her to use as a pillow.

While Park Ye Jin is lying down comfortably, her personal assistant Kim Kibum holds a book for her to read and turns the pages for her on top of that. Kim Kibum becomes the perfect definition of Park Ye Jin's pet.

Internet users who saw the still cuts responded with comments like, 'I would die happy if Kim Kibum let me lie on his leg', 'Leg pillow and holding the book for her. Park Ye Jin is so lucky', 'Kim Kibum is so adorable. He's such a pet', and 'Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin look so good together.’

tvN drama 'I Love Italy' airs every Mondays and Tuesdays.

Photo: tvN

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