'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk - 'Will You Pick College or Singer IU?'

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In the KBS drama 'Unexpected You' that was aired on the 9th of June, showed Jang Goon (Kwak Dong Yun) worrying about life and its ups and downs. His main dilemma was about the question: 'Will you choose to date the singer IU or choose to be accepted into Seoul National University?'

After hearing the question, Jang Goon asks his tutor Cha Se Kwang (CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk), 'If you had the choice, which one would you choose?' After hearing his question, Cha Se Kwang becomes 'mentally shocked' and becomes extremely frustrated with Jang Goon's immaturity.

After their lesson ends, Cha Se Kwang tells Yoon Hee (Kim Nam Joo), 'I know you really hate me and all but how could you make me tutor a kid like Jang Goon,' and brought laughter to the audience.

Viewers responded to Cha Se Kwang's reactions with comments like, 'I can't stop laughing every time Cha Se Kwang experiences his mental shocks', and 'I would react the same way if some kid asked me the same question.’

KBS 'Unexpected You' airs every Saturdays and Sundays.

Unexpected You
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