GOT7 Fans Have Mixed Reactions To Official Fan Club Name

Idol groups have fans from all over the world, so these fans need to know their names. JYP Entertainment's latest boy group, GOT7, recently announced the name of their fanclub.

GOT7 debuted in January with "Girls Girls Girls," and on May 9 they announced what their fans can call themselves. However, fans seemed to have mixed reactions to the new name.

The members got together and filmed a video to greet their fans, and announced the official fan club name: I GGOT7.

The members explained the reasoning behind the name, in case fans didn't understand the deeper meaning. "I GOT7. 7 is a lucky number, right? Well, I GOT7 means that our fans have "gotten" us."  So fans don't only get the members, but they also get the luck.

Before ending the video, GOT7 also asked fans to support them. The members also told I GOT7 that they loved them, in as many languages and Korean dialects that they knew.

GOT7 is also officially recruiting members for their official fan club, although the official Daum fan café isn't easily accessible to international fans at this time.

Fans commented on the YouTube page, but their responses were a bit mixed.

Most reactions to the news were pretty excited about GOT7 getting an official fanclub name, but some people were a little bit disappointed.

Other fans didn't seem too happy about the name, saying that it's not such a creative fanclub name. Some complaints also related to the fact that saying "I'm an I Got7" is a bit awkward.

There were also some people commenting who also added that they were a bit jealous of other JYP idol groups, such as 2PM's fanclub Hottest, because those fanclubs have names that are less awkward to call oneself.

While GOT7's fanclub was named several months after debut, many idol groups take years to officially pick fanclub names. Popular groups like EXO and f(x) don't have official fanclubs, but their fans are still very dedicated. At the same time, some rookie groups have started official fanclubs that even if they have relatively few fans.

GOT7 has no news for a comeback in the upcoming months, but the announcement of their fanclub name is a promising sign of upcoming activites.   

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