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Who is The Mystery Boy Hugging Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Member? Causes A Stir Online

June 13, 2012 02:05 PM EDT

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A photo of one of the Girls’ Generation member having her arm around a mystery person is causing a stir online, as the couple is seen with their arms around each other’s shoulder and waist.

The photo is part of a photo collection of Seohyun’s thoughtful personality of being considerate of others. It was a photo that was taken during ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google’ on May 21. However there was another part of the photo that internet user’s attention was drawn to. This time the focus was on the couple that is in front of Seohyun and Taeyeon.

Internet users recognized the girl to be a member of Girls’ Generation based on the outfit, as she is wearing a similar style to Seohyun. While the mystery person next to her is seen with short hair and boyish outfit was first assumed to be part of a boy group causing pain to the Girls’ Generation’s fans.

However after closer observation and based on the outfit the person wore it turns out the ‘boy’ was none other than f(x) member Amber, who is well known for her boyish image.

Internet users after finding out the person to be Amber commented, “What a relief,” “Totally fooled me,” “It seems Amber is always mistaken for a boy.”

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