'I Love Italy' Park Ye Jin & Super Junior Kim Kibum's Pajama Party!

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Still cuts from the episode of tvN drama 'I Love Italy' on the 12th of June were released. The photos show Lee Tae Ri (Park Ye Jin), Hwang Min Soo (Super Junior’s Kim Kibum), and Hwang Min Gook (Jang Seo Won) playing a board game together while wearing pajamas.

All three actors are seen wearing bright and adorable pajamas. Photos are more comical because the three actors are gathered around a board game happily like little children. Kim Kibum especially seems to have completely become his character from the drama. Kim Kibum actually looks like an innocent 14 year old boy trapped in a 25 year olds body.

Internet users that saw the photos responded with comments like, 'Kim Kibum and Jang Seo Won are such cuties wearing their pajamas. Park Ye Jin is sexy no matter what she wears', and 'It was so romantic when he buys Italy and becomes extremely happy.’

tvN drama 'I Love Italy' features a story about a 14 year old boy who wakes up one morning to find himself turned into a 25 year old man. To get his life back, he decides to stick around an heiress and their 100 days of romance begins. This fantasy-romantic-comedy will last through 16 episodes and has gained an incredible amount of popularity for its humor and unusual/unique circumstances.

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