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K-Pop Indie Spotlight: Mint Paper Collective Continues To Make Independent Artists Accessible To Fans Abroad With 'Bright #2'

By Annie | May 11, 2014 10:55 AM EDT


With the Korean entertainment industry steadily infiltrating the US mainstream through mediums like YouTube and Facebook, many fans find themselves increasingly interested in the diverse independent music scene thriving in South Korea. Without the backing of major record labels, however, getting their music out to an international crowd can be tough.

Mint Paper is a collective of independent artists in Korea with a wide range of styles and genres who, for the past several years, have come together to release a steady stream of themed compilation albums. The latest release, Bright #2, was released last month and shows the variety of music being produced outside the mainstream by artists who are driven by their own passion to create something beautiful for the ears.

Check out the fun tracks below.

1. Jung Jae Won (a.k.a. Juk Jae) "View"

A friendly and well-performed acoustic guitar jam that embodies the feeling of traveling on the open road. Juk Jae's smooth voice is easy to listen to and perfect for a sunny spring day.

2. Sosimboys "Got a Person I Miss"

Happy-go-luky track that is upbeat and fun. Simple in delivery, "Got a Person I Miss" practically forces a smile out of the listener.

3. Yisun (feat. Lee Jang Won of Paper Toys) "Direction"

Yisun's bright vocals are the focus of this track that infuses a light piano melody with rhythmic drums and a harmonica solo in the break down. Another track that is just right for a sunny day.

4. Kwon Young Chan "Spring Festival"

Kwon Young Chan adds a retro lounge feel to his "Spring Festival" with elements of light jazz and easy rock. The song is reminiscent of early spring nights under the stars.

5. Fine "Hydration"

Slow, funky electro beat line with eerily peaceful vocals. Fine falls in the same vein with other electro-indie-pop groups like the Canadian band Metric.

6. Kim Eun Tae (feat. Oh Eun Bi) "Fly High"

More upbeat than the other tracks on the Bright #2 compilation. The mix of vocals from Kim Eun Tae and featured singer Oh Eun Bi give the track an optimistic feel full of positive energy and synthesized riffs.

7. Monkeyz "Gift"

"Gift" keeps things thumping with a heavily rock-influenced track from Monkeyz. Fans of FTIsland or CNBLUE might hear some similarities as Monkeyz blend a standard rock band feel with pop undertones and idol-like lyrics.

8. Life and Time "Lives of Others Moving"

Life and Time deliver a rock song with a groovy garage-band feel. Pulling from the influence of Neo-classic rock greats like The Police.

9. Hello Gayoung "We Are No Better Than Strangers"

Standard fare for cafe-based indie music coming out of Seoul. A gal with a sweet singing voice accompanied by a piano and sweet, thoughtful lyrics.

10. Heunjeok "Begin"

An uplifting tune that fills the listener with a sense that anything is possible with a little passion and effort. Fans of Nell will surely appreciate the sound of Heunjeok. A fantastic track to finish out the latest Mint Paper compilation, "Begin" sets the stage for more indie artists to thrive by following their heart and talents.

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