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‘K-Pop Star’ Park Ji Min-Lee Ha Yi Receives Car Prizes

June 13, 2012 09:57 PM EDT

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‘K-Pop Star’ Park Ji Min-Lee Ha Yi Receives Car Prizes / Credit: .

SBS 'K-Pop Star's winner Park Ji Min and second winner Lee Ha Yi are now receiving the cars as their rewards.

A portal site message board shared a photo titled 'I just took a photo of Lee Ha Yi' was uploaded on June 12.

The photo showed two of the girls who went on SBS’s 'K-Pop Star' receiving their Hyundai cars as their prizes. Hyundai Motors awarded Park Ji Min an i40, and Lee Ha Yi an i30. In addition Park Ji Min also received her cash prize of 300 million Won (approximately $257,000 USD), also was promised a role in a TV drama and endorsement contracts as the winner of the competition.

Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi each signed contracts with JYP and YG Entertainment in last May and is working on their debuts.

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