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SECRET Hyosung Releases 'Good-Night Kiss' And Holds Showcase

By Diana Shin | May 12, 2014 10:03 AM EDT


SECRET member Hyosung released her new album and music video today on various music sites.

Her album, TOP SECRET, gained attention from SECRET fans as she had worked a long time to create this album.

She worked with producer Duble Sidekick for this new project and received a lot of interest only after releasing her teaser video. 

She also held her "TOP SECRET" showcase in Seoul and officially began her promotions as a solo artist.

She performed her title song, "Good-night Kiss" and received positive responses from her fans as well. 

According to Allkpop, her agency had described "Good-night Kiss" as " a dance track with a catchy, repeating chorus."

The rep continued, "We took on a hip hop trend trap crossover, breaking away from the dull composition. It is different from the typical dance tracks."

In regards to Hyosung's changed image, the ageny rep explained, "She will show a more mature, sensual, and thrilling performance as a 'one & only,' who can't be compared, with this album ... She is standing at the start line as a soloist who has gradually grown in ability and has a unique color."

Hyosung had recently shocked fans when she showed off her sexy body during a photo shoot for Sure magazine, while also revealing that she's never had a boyfriend before. 

According to CJ E&M enewsWorld, the Secret member stated, "Even when someone shows their interest in me, my heart flutters but I don't know how to respond to that. It gets even worse when the person I like shows their interest in me. I overthink and end up being alone. It's been awhile since my heart fluttered."

Hyosung fans will be able to see her act in the OCN drama "Cheo Yong." She spoke of her experience during her interview with Sure. 

"I was so pressured in the beginning to the point where none of the senior actors' advice went through my head. I couldn't take my eyes off the scripts even during break time. By the time I got used to the filming site and started enjoying acting, the drama was over," stated Jeon Hyosung. 

Fans should expect to see the idol member in other productions as well because she's expressed her interest in acting by stating, "If I can portray people in difficult situations by acting them out, then that could be the most meaningful thing."

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