'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Kibum Makes The Audience Cry With Him

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Super Junior member Kim Kibum made the viewer’s cry with his impressive acting skills.

On an episode of tvN drama 'I Love Italy' that aired on the 12th of June featured the climax of Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin's 100 days of romance love story.

During this episode, Geum Eun Dong (Kim Kibum), who has been trying to figure out how to get his 14 year old body back, is shown finally realizing that he has fallen in love with Lee Tae Ri (Park Ye Jin). Geum Eun Dong had been hired as Lee Tae Ri’s personal assistant for the restoration of the Lee Tae Ri’s museum. Geum Eun Dong finally realizes that his heart beats for every little thing Lee Tae Ri does.

Lee Tae Ri has also been falling in love with Geum Eun Dong, who had done everything for her since day one regardless of how hard the task was. Geum Eun Dong was like her little pet animal who tagged along wherever she went. Lee Tae Ri fell in love with his innocence and his devotion to her.

There was a scene in this episode where Geum Eun Dong becomes betrayed by his swimming coach Hwang Min Gook (Jang Seo Won), whom he had trusted the most in the world. Hurt by the betrayal, Geum Eun Dong begins to cry. Lee Tae Ri holds him tightly and Geum Eun Dong begins to cry even harder on Lee Tae Ri’s shoulder.

Super Junior member Kim Kibum was praised for his acting in the scene as it brought out a lot of emotion in countless viewers. It has been reported that Kim Kibum surprised all the cast and crew while filming this scene because he got it on his first try without making any mistakes.

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