'Ghost' Lee Yeon Hee Saves The Day Against Hacker!

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Lee Yeon Hee, from the drama 'Ghost', prevented an attack from the computer hacker
Lee Yeon Hee, from the drama 'Ghost', prevented an attack from the computer hacker

On the 6th episode of 'Ghost' that was aired on the 14th of June featured Kim Woo Hyun (Park Ki Young/ So Ji Sub) and Yoo Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) fighting against the attack from the national server from being hacked.

Even though Kim Woo Hyun becomes captured by Kwon Hyuk Joo, who Woo Hyun believes is Hardes the computer hacker, he overcomes all the dangers to escape and heads straight to where the servers are located. The computer hacker had created multiples of false traps but Kim Woo Hyun knew exactly what the hacker was aiming for and ordered for an attack at where the hackers were believed to be located.

However, the hackers were actually aiming for something more. They were planning to take over the nuclear power plant but too much pressure in a short amount of time could make the nuclear power plant explode, causing a significant amount of chaos.

While Kim Woo Hyun attempted to stop them, Yoo Kang Mi headed to the location of the hackers by herself. The hackers' base of operation was located in an old PC Room that was locked up. Yoo Kang Mi used her head and decided to pour water over the fuse box and cut off all the electricity. However, she had another task left to complete.

Kim Woo Hyun, thinking he had no other choice, prevented the hackers with the program he used when he used to be Hardes. To prevent the hackers from succeeding, he had to expose his identity to Kwon Hyuk Joo and when everything was over, Kwon Hyuk Joo put hand cuffs on Kim Woo Hyun once again.

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