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'Big' Gong Yoo Reveals His Scrip with Countless Post Its - Behind the Scenes of 'Big'

June 15, 2012 11:55 PM EDT

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Behind the Scenes of 'Big' / Credit: Bon Factory

The happy atmosphere at the set of KBS drama 'Big' has been revealed through the behind the scenes photos that have been released. Specifically, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung received a lot of attention for their attachment to their scripts. Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, who are reviewing their lines together, seem to be close as though they are a real couple.

Gong Yoo is sitting comfortably and looking at Lee Min Jung's direction intensely. A representative of the drama 'Big' stated, 'You can see Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo practicing their lines anywhere on set' and continued to explain Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo's love for their scripts.

Gong Yoo is already known for his dedication and for his attachment to his script. The photos from behind the scenes revealed just that: Gong Yoo had countless pink post it all over his script. Gong Yoo's neatly organized script clearly shows all of his dedication and hard work that is going into filming the drama 'Big'.

Another representative stated, 'Gong Yoo's concentration level is the best. He doesn't seem affected by the tiring conditions of filming the drama. Even through sleepless nights and rough filming conditions, he is so concentrated on his script.'

The KBS drama 'Big' features a love story between a female high school teacher and a teenager who becomes trapped in a strange man's body. As the story progresses, secrets are beginning to unveil themselves and the story gets more and more interesting by each episode.

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