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Wearable Technology 2014 News: Smartwatch Brand Dominates Wearable Market For 1Q 2014; Kickstarter Darling Outships Sony & Samsung

By Staff Reporter | May 24, 2014 09:38 AM EDT


Wearable Technology 2014 News: The smartwatch brand Pebble, which began as a Kickstarter project has led the global smart wearable market for the 1Q of 2014, leading the pack with 35% of shipments. Analytics firm Canalys reported that Pebble was able to outship both Sony and Samsung during the January to March period of this year.

After Pebble, Sony follows with 29% share, followed by Samsung with 29%. Pebble began the New Year with a new stainless steel version of the watch and with the Pebble App Store available for both iOS and Android.

In the basic brand category of wearables, Fitbit is the king according to Phone Arena. The brand accounted for 50% of shipments in the first quarter. The gadget and tech review site said that the product achieved the domination despite the recall of Fitbit Force due to skin irritation that was reported by some wearers. The discomfort was subsequently blamed on contact dermatitis caused by a material used to manufacture the device.

The brand Jawbone also had a strong first quarter, while Nike’s FuelBand’s share dropped 10%. The sports and fashion company is now moving away from the hardware end of the business, but Canalys expects Nike’s software to be used for the upcoming Apple iWatch. The wearable by the Cupertino tech giant is expected to make an appearance in the second half of this year.

SlashGear noted that the wearable market, though still new, is preparing for bigger players. The site said that as Android Wear comes to fruition and fitness wearables like the JayBird Reign make their way to the burgeoning market, it’s possible to see some disturbances in the numbers.

Some events that may change these numbers includes the imminent consumer launch of Google Glass, the arrival of the MotoWatch 360 and the availability of the highly anticipated and earlier mentioned iWatch by Apple.

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