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B.A.P Take Their 'Live On Earth 2014 Tour' To Singapore: Reflections From The KpopStarz iReporter Team [SET LIST]

By iReporter Team | June 02, 2014 07:42 AM EDT


B.A.P left fans wanting more after a perfect night on Saturday, with a spectacular and breathtaking performance during the Singapore leg of their 'B.A.P Live On Earth Tour 2014' at the Star Theatre.

The concert was surrounded with a main theme "Earth Needs You" and six keywords, Justice, Love, Passion, Emotion, Happiness, You.

The entire concert had been split into these respective segments to create a coherent story of the aliens from the 'Planet Mato'. B.A.P, the aliens had come to Earth to learn about human race and explore their emotions. They believed that these six qualities are what Earth needs in order to be a better place.

Upon entering the concert hall, it was hazy.

The haze blinded the stage so that the settings on the stage could not be seen. The concert hall then slowly filled with fans waving their lime green Matoki light sticks illuminated the smoky atmosphere. Just when the fans started to get a little impatient, the clock struck 7 p.m., the lights dimmed and the large main screen came to life.

Fans were shown a news flash about an UFO sighting. The video footage then became static and the signal was interrupted. B.A.P landed on Earth with an explosive performance of "One Shot," "Badman" and "Power."

The second video segment introduced the theme of love with two very cute cartoon Matokis conversing, asking the question "what Is Love?" A performance of the song "Love Sick" followed.

The B.A.P members told the crowd they needed a little break and a special coffee stand was wheeled out onstage, entitled Starbabys Coffee (B.A.P fans are knowns as BABYs).

Some lucky fans were lucky enough to be given cups of coffee and orange juice from a few of the members.

Jong Up work the crowd into a frenzy when he sang the line "do you wanna drink a coffee?" to the tune of the song "Let It Go" from the Disney animated hit movie "Frozen."

A performance of "Coffee Shop" naturally followed, then came 'Body & Soul'. The fans' screaming was deafening as the members danced sexily to the song in their white button shirts and checkered ties.

The screen thereafter showed a few quotes relating to the boxing world with a count down of D-100 to D-1. It was very obvious that the song "Punch" was imminent. The group also performed "No Mercy" as the fans stood up with excitement and jumped to the songs.

While the group took an intermission, the words "do you still remember him?" flashed on the giant screens all over the arena. Then Him Chan's face appeared and fans shouted that they did indeed.

B.A.P returned to the stage with the ballad "Rain Sound," followed by a solo performance by member Jong Up. At the end of his solo section of the show, Jong Up took off his jacket and ripped open his shirt to reveal his bare chest.

Audience members than were treated to a dance lesson in a video for the song "Planet Mato."

"If you follow this dance move then you will become the most attractive human on Earth and on Mato," the group urged fans in the clip. "If not, you will suffer from stress the next few days."

Performances of "Check On," "Excuse Me" and "Spy" followed.

The B.A.P bandmates then introduced themselves and each said a line to the crowd. The audience went crazy when Jong Up asked "do you like my six pack?"

The boys said they were happy to be performing in Singapore for the third time and were grateful that Singapore is always welcoming them. Daehyun noted that Singapore feels like his second home.

The group then jumped into "Hurricane," "Dancing In The Rain" and "Stop It."

By the end of the show, it was revealed that B.A.P are in love with chilli crab, a popular dish in Singapore. The members even danced like crabs onstage. When the group introduced their last song "Crash," they sang the words "chilli crab, chilli crab."

Before B.A.P returned to the stage for their encore, the screen showed Twitter messages to fans from the members. The messages included a thank you to the fans in Singapore and that they should visit Singapore more often.

After their encore performance of "1004(Angel)," the band members requested 100 seconds to change into their costumes for the last performance and said that fans could count down.

The guys rushed off and time ticked, however, in the last 13 seconds, the timeline started to buffer. Fans were prompted to shout as loud as they can to resume the timer. With that, a readorned B.A.P stepped onstage and concluded the concert with their debut single "Warrior."

As the show came to an end, much to the dismay of fans who wanted more, the bandmates promised they would not forget the evening and said they would soon return to Singapore.

Check out some of the exciting moments from B.A.P's Singapore show as captured by the KpopStarz iReporting team RIGHT HERE

B.A.P's Singapore's set list:


- INTRO: UFO sightings and six aliens have landed on Earth

- One Shot

- Badman

- Power


- VCR (Youngjae & Zelo: What is Love?)

- Lovesick

- Coffee Shop

- Body & Soul


- VCR: Earth Needs Passion

- Punch

- No Mercy

- Bangx2


- VCR: Earth Needs Emotion

- Rain Sound

- Jongup's Solo Dance

- Save Me


- VCR: Learn the Dance from 'Mato Planet'

- Check On

- Excuse Me

- Spy

- Talk

- Hurricane

- Dancing in the Rain

- Stop it

- Talk

- Crash



- VCR: Earth Needs You

- 1004

- Talk & Countdown

- Warrior

Special thanks to Fast Track Events Pte Ltd for inviting to cover B.A.P Live On Earth Singapore 2014.

Writer: Carmen Tan | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Video Credits: Ong Melin

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