Oscar Pistorius Murder Case [UPDATE]: Fake Facebook Page To Scam Supporters Into Parting Money For Olympian’s Defense? Generalized Anxiety Disease Doesn’t Drive A Person To Murder, Says Trauma Expert

Oscar Pistorius murder case is being used by Internet scammers who created a fake Facebook page to swindle supporters of the Olympian. Meanwhile, a trauma expert claimed the generalized anxiety disease claimed by the defense doesn't drive a person to murder.

The fake Facebook page intended to associate itself with the Oscar Pistorius murder case and info about the social media account said:

"We seek financial support for the trial, debts and pending projects we have at hand. If you are interested in working actively with us in this direction, please do contact: Mrs Victoria Anderson at vicandersonl@hotmail.com."

Anneliese Burgess, a spokesperson for the "Blade Runner," told South Africa's Star newspaper that the victims of the Internet phishing scam were told to meet in Sunnyside, Pretoria for the money exchange.

"The family has made it clear that anyone soliciting money on their behalf are doing so fraudulently," Burgess told the publication.

"We will, once again request Facebook to shut this profile down. All the legitimate Pistorius family members' Facebook pages are either deactivated or set on full privacy settings," she said.

The Guardian attempted to contact the email vicandersonl@hotmail.com posted on the Facebook page but the owner did not respond to its questions.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Power, CEO of EPowers & Associates and noted trauma expert, wrote in article for blogs.psychcentral.com in relation to the Oscar Pistorius murder trial where she said that Olympian could not undo the amputation on his legs at 11 months old, nor the years of challenge, however, generalized anxiety disorder "does not a murderer make."

"Generalized anxiety disease makes worriers, not killers," she wrote. "Disability doesn't either."

However, she acknowledged the very real vulnerability of a man "who is notably shorter without his prostheses, top heavy, balancing on his stumps in the dark of the night, and who is terrified."

"The adrenaline of vulnerability can cause murderous things to happen," she wrote.

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