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Tae Yang Reveals Story Behind "Eye, Nose, Lips"

By Jinecho | June 08, 2014 02:43 AM EDT


The behind-the-scenes/making video for Tae Yang's title track "Eye, Nose, Lips" has been released!

This making-of video was posted through YG Entertainment's official blog ( In it, Tae Yang talks about his track. He points out, "This song is about a person yearning for his past lover. It's a heartbreaking song containing a very personal story. By listening to this track, you'll feel the authenticity behind the lyrics."

Tae Yang added, "I believe this track was given birth through destiny. Whoever hears this song, I hope, will get to experience my feelings at the time I wrote it."

Tae Yang's confession of the story behind "Eye, Nose, Lips" has, as a result, garnered much attention from fans and audiences alike. But besides the personal connection the artist has with the song, the track itself has received tremendous praise.  The lyrics of "Eye, Nose, Lips" were, indeed, written by Tae Yang but it his through his soulful voice that we, as listeners, are able to capture the emotion behind the words.

In addition, the music video for the title track has been receiving love as well due to its one-take concept and Tae Yang's display of his muscular body.

To conclude the video, Tae Yang talked about the concept behind his music video, "In order for me to portray and communicate my raw feelings in addition to the emotions of the song, I decided to make the music video as simple and minimalistic as possible. I think I've been doing a lot of performance-heavy videos and songs in the past and hadn't really had the chance to display my voice and feelings as much. I wanted to concentrate on that this time, and I think people will find it new and refreshing."

As soon as "Eye, Nose, Lips" was released on June 2, it became an instant hit. The track topped 10 national music charts, achieving a much-expected all-kill. It is still standing strong. The music video has also received tremendous attention as it currently has over 4 million views in YouTube.

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