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Farrah Abraham Gets ANOTHER Legal Warning From Vivid Entertainment! [VIDEO] Backdoor Teen Mom To Expose Porn Company Secrets But Steve Hirsch Claims She Signed Confidentiality Agreement

By Carlie Zootash | June 08, 2014 04:00 PM EDT


Farrah Abraham gets ANOTHER legal warning from Vivid Entertainment! Vivid, the XXX porn company that bought the rights to Kim Kardashian and Ray J's sex tape, has recently gotten into a pickle with Farrah. Abraham is best known for being a horrible mother on Teen Mom and more recently makes raunchy porns. Farrah is also a fame whore master whose credentials expand to Couples Therapy, pathetically arriving without a partner. Vivid currently worked with Farrah on her movie called Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom. But unlike doing business with the Kardashians, Vivid is livid with Farrah. The entertainment porn company is having a second legal issue with the 'Blowin' singer. After writing a trilogy of sexual novels attempting to take down the porn company, Farrah lands in hot water with Vivid for another time. Farrah is growing more enemies by the day. Vivid, the porn production company that nows owns the legal rights to the porn flim Farrah stars in with James Dean, Farrah Backdoor Teen Mom has given Farrah a second legal warning. The new threat is about Farrah writing a 'sexual novel' called 'Celebrity Sex Tape' revealing the secrets behind how the porn industry and Vivid Entertainment courts and signs its 'talents.' Vivid Entertainment claims these hidden secrets that Farrah wants to expose are worth million. Vivid is claiming that Abraham has no right to discuss Vivid in her novel because she signed an airtight confidentiality agreement. It is clear that Vivid Entertaiment doesn't want Farrah to expose the truth about the 'sex tape' as it is apparent what really went down.

 We all know the 'sex tape,' Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom, was a planned porno as Farrah clearly slipped the truth on Couples Therapy. Farrah Abraham accidently admitted that there was a production company filming herself and James Deen having sex. Abraham even mentioned there was more than one cameraman on the reality show. Who hires a production company to tape a personal Sex tape? Obviously, the sex tape was entirely a set up for money, yet Farrah and Vivid have denied the claims. Vivid CEO, Steve Hirsch, is learning one again not to ever do business with Farrah Abraham and sends her a second warning that they will sue Abraham if she proceeds with the scandal. Farrah has already received another warning from Vivid. The first legal warning by Vivid was over the serious allegations that Farrah made on Couples Therapy about being "raped and drugged" while being on tour with Vivid Entertaiment promoting her sex tape. Though Couples Therapy has wrapped, Abraham continues to make headlines and make up all kinds of lies. Saying you were 'raped and drugged' is a new low for Farrah, whose music video 'Blowing' is truly the most pathetic piece of garbage I've ever listened to. If Farrah is telling lies, Ms. Abraham will be in serious legal trouble with Vivid Entertainment and be in breach of contract. But worst of all, Farrah Abraham would be the most evil person on the planet, undermining the severity of rape if she is lying. 

Why would Farrah hurt Vivid Entertainment who helped Farrah continue her 15 minutes of fame and gave her a monster paycheck for one day of 'work'? Does Farrah actually need more attention after two reality shows and having sex infront of the entire world? Vivid claims the statements Farrah made are entirely fabricated. CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steve Hirsch, is fed up with Farrah and won't let her get away with the accusations. Vivid Entertainment is claiming Abraham was actually having a great time while promoting Farah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and never had any negative experiences. Vivid gets serious with the Teen Mom, warning Abraham: "We have become aware that you have made unsubstantiated and baseless implications and allegations of wrongdoing against Vivid. In particular, you have publically [sic] stated that you were drugged and raped more than once while on tour for Vivid promoting Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom," the official legal letter to Farrah reads from Vivid Entertainment. "These statements are defamatory toward Vivid and are strenuously denied in all respects." On Couples Therapy Farrah insinuated about being sexually violated while promoting her porn, so could Farrah Abraham actually be making up serious allegations about sexual violations? Vivid Entertainment CEO, Steve Hirsch, whom once had a positive working partnership with Abraham, now believes Farrah is a liar and will expose his secrets in the new book. Vivid is ready to do whatever it takes to prove it Farrah is lying. Vivid Entertainment wants to bust the Teen Mom big time and clear their name.

Hirsch offered Farrah a lie detector test, to which Abraham, not surprisingly, never responded to. Vivid is so determined to prove Farrah is a liar that they offered Abraham $1 million to take a polygraph test and if Farrah passes, she can keep the money. But if Abraham fails the test, she has to give back all the money she's made from the film and forego all her royalties from Backdoor T een Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. But Farrah refused the offer by not responding to the offer. Hirsch is so insulted with the accusations by Farrah, he is defending the porn industry that Abraham has so thoughtlessly burned. He says he was around Farrah during all of her promotional events and that everything was harmless. In fact, Vivid claims Abraham was 'having a blast!'

"I would be willing to offer [Abraham] a million dollars, a million dollars, to take a polygraph test and if she can prove that she was drugged and rapped multiple times for the backdoor teen mom promo then I would give her a million dollars," Hirsch says. He says he was around Farrah during all of her promotional events for Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and that nothing bad happened to her. In fact, Vivid claims Abraham was having a great time while promoting her XXX flick! "I was around Farrah when she was doing all of her promotion for the Backdoor Teen Mom and I can tell you she was having a great time," Hirsch said. "I was around Farrah when she was doing all of her promotion for the first movie and I can tell you she was having a great time," Hirsch adds.
"She seemed to enjoy being around people from the adult industry and to now come out and say something different to me just doesn't make any sense," he said.ay J'sDo you think Farrah is treating Vivid poorly?


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