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K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of June 2 - June 8, 2014)

By James B | June 09, 2014 10:33 AM EDT


What Happened In K-Pop Last Month

News media Popdust featured an article regarding what occurred last month; which K-Pop idols made their comeback.

EXO made their comeback without Kris as they released their new single, "Overdose." "Overdose" shows their charismatic vocals as they sing about receiving an "Overdose" of love and needs someone to call the doctor. Popdust stated on the article that their new single is certainly "not their best track." What is your opinion regarding this?

After successfully collaborating with SISTAR's Soyou for their beautiful duet, "Some," JungGiGo is back with another hit single titled, "Want U." Beenzino is featured in the music video as he showed his amazing rapping skills. JungGiGo's new single is about the emotions that a man feels when he is in love with a woman. JungGiGo is just a great charmer that any woman will want him.

Secret's Hyoseong released her new solo single titled, "Good-Night Kiss." The song is a lullaby as Hyoseong puckers up and gives the guy in the music video a "Good-Night Kiss." The music beat is addicting and catchy as Hyoseong sings with her sexy voice. Secret's Hyoseong has released a good single that guys will hum in their heads.

G.NA is back and released a new single titled, "Pretty Lingerie." The song was both composed and produced by Duble Sidekick as G.NA's new single is not like a sexy lullaby; but instead, a cute retro pop. With G.NA's catchy and great vocals, the article mentioned that her music video is "not very good." The reason is because the storyline is very simple. G.NA sees a hot guy, blushes, and falls in love. With the love that she is feeling, G.NA and her friends go to the mall to purchase some "Pretty Lingerie" for an upcoming party in which she and the handsome guy were invited to. Though the storyline is simple, the song is appealing.

T-ara's Jiyeon released her solo single titled, "1Min 1Sec"; which was produced by Brave Brothers. The tempo is mid beat as Jiyeon sings about the difficulties of moving on from her loved one. So, Jiyeon sings that she might not be able to breathe for "one minute" and "one second" without him being next to her and holding her in his arms. With a unique sexy choreography and awesome music video, Jiyeon's new solo single is definitely going to be one remembered forever.

15& released their second single titled, "Sugar." 15&'s new single is part Motown and part jazz fusion which is very catchy and will put the listener on a "Sugar" high. This new single from Jimin and Yerin shows their great vocals and personalities. Also, the girls threw in Jimin's awesome rapping skills that shows how great this girls are.

Taeyang Released His New Single

News media Billboard featured an article regarding Big Bang's Taeyang and how the 26 years old is back with a mature R&B concept style. His new song titled, "Eyes, Lips, Nose" tells about him singing about a woman and how he treated her in the past. Taeyang sings about her perfect red lips, eyes, nose, and fingernails. This new single is from Taeyang's album titled, "Rise." The song is simple as he sings about his emotions regarding this woman. All of the memories he loved about her will just stay with him in his mind. For this new single, all flashy elements and gimmicks disappear as Taeyang just stands shirtless and shows his muscled abs.

Taeyang is Ranking High on the iTunes Charts

News media Popdust featured an article regarding how Big Bang's Taeyang is ranking high on the iTunes Charts across the world. Taeyang's new album titled, "Rise," is ranked number thirteen on the U.S. iTunes Chart. For the R&B/Soul albums chart, Taeyang ranks number one. On the Mexican iTunes chart, he ranks number ten, Canada number eleven, and top twenty in Australia and New Zealand.

Hottest Music Videos for the Month of May 2014; U.S. and International

News media Billboard featured an article regarding what music videos were hot in America and globally for the month of May 2014.

The music videos for United States were:

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"

2. EXO-M, "Overdose"

3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"

4. VIXX, "Eternity"

5. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"

6. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling

7. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"

8. Orange Caramel, "Abing Abing"

9. IU, "My Old Story"

10. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"

For globally, there were:

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"

2. EXO-M, "Overdose"

3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"

4. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"

5. IU, "My Old Story"

6. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"

7. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"

8. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling"

9. Jiyeon, "Never Ever"

10. VIXX, "Eternity"

What is your opinion of both the top ten videos in the U.S. and globally?

Where Some of your Favorite Idols Rank This Week + Who is #1

Popdust featured an article regarding who is ranked number one this week and where some of your favorite stars rank. There is a new number one as Fly To The Sky was removed and dropped to number two this week. Number one goes to Gary & Jung In for their duet single, "Your Scent;" which the track was produced by Duble Sidekick.

IU remains at number three and four for her singles, "My Old Story" and "The Meaning of You." Baek Ji Young ranks number five this week as fans are "Still in Love" with the ballad queen. Male group VIXX are ranked number seven for their single, "Eternity." Behind them are synchronized male group INFINITE for their single, "Last Romeo." Yuna Kim's single, "Without You Now" skyrockets to number thirty-two.

Secret's Hyoseong is doing a great job on giving a "Good-Night Kiss" to her fans as she ranks number thirteen. For T-ara's Jiyeon, she drops to number twenty-seven for her single, "1Min 1Sec." Lastly, duo female group 15& made their debut at number seventeen this week for their jazz tempo single, "Sugar."

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