'I Love Italy' Kim Kibum & Park Ye Jin a Real Couple?

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Actress Park Ye Jin and Super Junior member Kim Kibum together in a photo shoot.

On the 22nd, the fashion magazine InStyle revealed sneak previews of the photoshoot of Super Junior's Kim Kibum and actress Park Ye Jin, who are starring in the tvN drama "I Love Italy" together.

In the photos that have been released, Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum are holding each other like a real couple. Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum are posing with their faces very close to each other and demonstrated their flawless chemistry.

At an interview during the photoshoot, Park Ye Jin stated, "I always worked with actors who were older than me but Kim Kibum is seven years younger than I am so it was very different. It is a good experience because I found myself feeling a different type of motivation that livened up my passion and dedication" regarding the age difference between her and Kim Kibum.

Regarding his chemistry with actress Park Ye Jin, Kim Kibum stated, "During the first read through of the script, I thought to myself "wow, I guess it is possible for us to have such a good chemistry together" and got goose bumps."

The tvN drama "I love Italy" is about a 14 year old boy Geum Eun Dong (Kim Kibum) who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a 25 year old man. Geum Eun Dong meets Lee Tae Ri (Park Ye Jin), who is a chic heiress and their 100 days of romance will play out through 16 episodes.

Photo: InStyle

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