'Ghost' So Ji Sub's Kiss Makes Lee Yeon Hee Jealous!

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During the episode of SBS drama "Ghost" that was aired on the 21st of June featured Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub) confessing to Yoo Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) that he kissed Goo Yeon Joo (Yoon Ji Hye). 

Goo Yeon Joo approached Kim Woo Hyun thinking that she could fool him into thinking that they were lovers before he lost his memory. In order to test her honesty, Kim Woo Hyun makes a move to kiss her. Goo Yeon Joo failed the test however, when she hesitated and turned her head. 

The same night after Kim Woo Hyun tested Goo Yeon Joo, he told Yoo Kang Mi everything that had happened. Kim Woo Hyun tells her, "Reporter Goo Yeon Ju, I think she approached me on purpose to use me for something. I kissed her..." and as soon as Yoo Kang Mi heard him say the word kiss, she fails to hide her shock in her face expression and asks, "Did you really kiss her?"

Kim Woo Hyun then says, "Why? I can't do that?" and begins to tease her. Yoo Kang Mi replies, "No, so then what happened?" while hesitating. Yoo Kang Mi tries to change the subject and changes her face expression. However, after Kim Woo Hyun leaves, Yoo Kang Mi says to herself, "They kissed?" and begins to worry nervously.

It seems as though a love line will form between Yoo Kang Mi and the fake Kim Woo Hyun.

During this episode, Kim Woo Hyun installs a black box inside of Goo Yeon Joo's car. While he follows her around, he stops at a resort and things become more confusing as the security guards at the resort recognize him. 

When Kim Woo Hyun enters the resort, he realizes that he has been there before. Kim Woo Hyun realizes that it is the same place where the phantom appeared. Right then, Jo Hyun Min (Uhm Ki Joon) appears and says, 'We meet again, Kim Woo Hyun.' and the episode ends.

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