Oscar Pistorius’ Murder Case [UPDATE]: ‘Blade Runner’s’ Mental State Now Known To Doctors? Olympic Athlete’s Trial Resumes By Month’s End

Oscar Pistorius' murder case might have already have an answer either for the prosecution or defense, as the "Blade Runner's" mental state is already known to the doctors. The Olympian's trial, meanwhile, resumes by month's end

Dr. Charles Sophy, CNN's Headline News resident psychiatrist, said that when Oscar Pistorius was ordered to go through regular evaluation, the doctors already had enough time to determine his mental condition.

He explained to HLNTV: "Most of the traits that exhibit themselves for a generalized anxiety disorder will come out in things that not only will be tested for in psychological testing, such as concentration, pulse control, mood, those kinds of things."

The doctors will also study his sleeping and eating patterns as well as his level of energy.

After the psych evaluation and the doctors feel like he had some mental episode at the time of the killing of model Reeva Steenkamp, then the Oscar Pistorius' murder case trial might be dismissed by the judge and clear him of all culpability.

Elizabeth Power, CEO of EPowers & Associates and noted trauma expert, earlier wrote an article for  blogs.psychcentral.com in relation to the Oscar Pistorius murder case trial where she said that Olympian could not undo the amputation on his legs at 11 months old, nor the years of challenge, however, generalized anxiety disorder "does not a murderer make."

"Generalized anxiety disease makes worriers, not killers," she wrote. "Disability doesn't either."

However, she acknowledged the very real vulnerability of a man "who is notably shorter without his prostheses, top heavy, balancing on his stumps in the dark of the night, and who is terrified."

"The adrenaline of vulnerability can cause murderous things to happen," she wrote.

The Oscar Pistorius murder case trial is reportedly going to resume on June 30 and by that time his psychological evaluation would have been completed and presented to the court.

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