'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Song Seung Hun the Gentleman!

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On the 22nd of June, behind the scenes photos of MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" have been released. The photos showed Song Seung Hun and co-star Jung Eun Pyo sitting under an umbrella together to hide from the rain. Jung Eun Pyo (character Huh Gwang) and Song Seung Hun are doctors who are living together in the drama.

Song Seung Hun is famous for his friendly personality and kindness. In the photos that have been released show Song Seung Hun holding the umbrella up with his own hand. The photo was titled, "Song Seung Hun's manner hand" and emphasized Song Seung Hun's manner hand behind Jung Eun Pyo while they were sitting together.

The photos also reveal the two actors smiling away happily while they escape the rain together. 

Internet users that saw the photos responded with comments like, "Always such a gentleman!", "Crazy popular Song Seung Hun for his friendly mannerisms!", and "It's nice to see them working together."

The MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" is aired every Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: Lee Kim Production

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