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A Deeper Look Into Taeyang's New Music Video For "1AM"

By Jinecho | June 12, 2014 01:05 AM EDT


Big Bang member Taeyang has recently released his music video for his track "1AM."

Before the release, however, the music video had been garnering tremendous attention and hype as rumors of the video including a bed-scene involving Taeyang had been circling around.

Following its title, the music video was posted at exactly 1:00 AM. The video appropriately houses an overall dreamy and dark effect, as the events are supposed to be taking place at around 1:00 AM. In order for us to fully appreciate this new video and Taeyang's track, let us break down and detect a couple of key points.

#1 Taeyang's impressive acting

One of the main things that we can conclude after watching the music video for "1 AM" is Taeyang's rather impressive acting skill. Even though we got to experience it during his music video for "Wedding Dress", Taeyang shows a different facet to his acting that shows more professionalism. His bed scene with actress Min Hyo Rin, for example, sets him apart from other idols that have not had the same experience/opportunity or faced the challenge of doing such a scene. Possessing a natural flow in his bodily movements and facial expressions, audiences and fans were able to capture the emotions he hoped to communicate without him having to recite any lines or words (besides the lyrics).

#2 The connection between "Eye, Nose, Lips" and "1 AM"

It has been revealed that the music video for "Eye, Nose, Lips" and "1 AM" are actually connected and have a certain chronology to them. While watching the video for "Eye, Nose, Lips" we get to see a Taeyang that is expressing his yearning for his past lover through his expressive vocals, lyrics, facial expressions and hand movements. At the end of the video he turns around as a huge billboard portraying Min Hyo Rin's face is set on fire. We get a sense of pain, anger and sadness between two people (Taeyang and Hyo Rin) and are left to wonder what the story is behind these lyrics. "1 AM" explains the reason behind Tae Yang's sorrow and why Hyo Rin's picture was burned down. If you want to twist things up a little bit, try watching "1 AM" before "Eye, Nose, Lips" for a more chronological view of Taeyang's comeback.

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