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K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Neon Bunny Plays To Her Strengths On The Dreamy 'It's You' [VIDEO]

By Rehnuma Majid | June 19, 2014 03:32 PM EDT


K-Pop Beyond The Charts is a periodic review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

Neon Bunny, real name Lim Yu Jin, has mastered pop; dream pop that is.

The 30-year-old South Korean singer has, for several years, collaborated with talented producers as well as worked alone, to create some truly great music.

Both of the Neon Bunny albums, "Seoulight" from 2011 and "Happy Endings," released the following year, share an intimate bedroom vibe that's difficult to resist.

Catchy, ethereal and far too unique to be lumped in with most K-pop artists, the singer might have started out making music in the confines of her own room, but the quality of the music transcends cultural borders. This is music anyone can enjoy.

On Neon Bunny's most recent single, "It's You," released back in March, the singer borrows from the best of her previous work to create a more mature and original sound then there has been on anything she has released up to this point.  

In particular, the single seems to use similar textures to previous Neon Bunny releases "Singing Bird" and "Listen To Your Heart."

In "Singing Bird" you hear the clear use of electronic beats as well as synths to create a sort of retro pop sound that seems to reoccur in all of Neon Bunny's music. The beats also have a layered echoic quality, which creates the dreamlike sound also heard on "Listen To Your Heart."

The sounds of these two songs aren't copied beat by beat on "It's You," but like ingredients in a soup, they are in there.

Neon Bunny's vocals here are even more reserved on "It's You" then they are on most of her previous work, but tastefully so. Maybe she really can hit those extremely high notes, or maybe she can't. Who knows why she chose to keep her voice fairly low and steady, but whatever the reason is, it works.

By singing in the sultry lower register, Neon Bunny's singing isn't overpowering the other parts of the song.

Instead of being the main attraction, her vocals on "It's You" become a guide for a simple electronic buildup, just as they were on "Singing Bird."

Neon Bunny voice also seems to become clearer as her songs progress, particularly on the hooks, which are normally a repetition of the song titles. You almost expect her to suddenly throw some high reaching vocals out of nowhere simply because they've remained so low for a good portion of the song and many artists do this.

But instead, Neon Bunny remains restrained and simply makes her voice deeper and richer. The use of this stylistic minimalist in "It's you" paired with the choppy editing style of the song, creates a beautifully haunting effect.

Watch the music video for Neon Bunny's most recent single "It's You" RIGHT HERE

Rehnuma Majid is a writer, artist, radio DJ, events promoter, and avid rock climber. Culture, advocacy, and pie are her passions. 

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