Croatian Soccer Team Nude Hot Bath Pictures Leaked: Angry Players Will Not Talk To Media Till End of Brazil World Cup

Croatian soccer team were caught taking nude hot bath after their disheartening 3-1 loss to Brazil. Why won't the paparazzis leave the poor Croatian soccer team alone? The players are so angry that they swore that they won't say a word to the press until the Brazil world cup is over and out. Full of kisses on fields, booty pats and just plain old man-to-man PDA, soccer is known for inspiring intense bro-romance so we shouldn't be so surprised that the Croatian soccer team bonded over some nude hot bath.

After their loss to Brazil, they retired to their hotel in Praia do Forte and immersed themselves in a hot bath... without their trunks on. Croatian players Dejan Lovren and Vedran Coluka were visible in the photographs.   

The photographers of these nude pictures were fellow patriotic Croatians as well. After taking these shots from a nearby bush, they sold the pictures to a Croatian tabloid and it published the pictures in their uncensored glory. The writer captioned the pictures with "Every true fan of the Croatia national team will want them."

According to the Guardian, Croatian soccer team's coach, Nico Kovac yelled at the journalists at a press conference, "How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won't speak to you lot any more. I don't know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign."

He angrily continued, "I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos. It's easy for me to talk but I'm not part of this story ... What can I do? I cannot pull them by the ears and say, 'let's go talk to media'."

The Croatian soccer team will face Cameroon on Wednesday. Fully clothed.

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