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Aviva Drescher Fired From Real Housewives Of New York City!? [VIDEO] Will Appear On Rest Of RHONY Season But Could Possibly Get The Boot From Bravo

By Carlie Zootash | June 17, 2014 02:55 PM EDT


Aviva Drescher Fired from Real Housewives Of New York City? We Housewives fans may not be so lucky just yet because nothing has been confirmed. But it's very possible that Bravo has fired Aviva for next season. We once thought Bravo gotten rid of Aviva, but Drescher and creepy dad have made their unfortunate comeback.  Aviva didn't even make it into the opening credits the last few weeks but Drescher reprised her role these last two weeks, clearing up any rumors that Aviva was fired from Housewives. But it's unclear if Aviva will be returning next season. Aviva Drescher said herself, "But right now what happened was, I didn't go to the Berkshires because I had to go visit my kids at sleepaway camp so I didn't film that weekend," she said. "I'm going to be on the rest of the season. ... But if they do ever fire me, it's not something I would get depressed about. I could live with that." I don't know who disguts me more. Aviva or her perverted father? Aviva pulls out a nasty text about a threesome during a charity event, but her yucky dad is the one spreading the false rumors. 

So who is actually worse? Though Ramona was very rude to his fiance, bringing up her deceased parents at her engagement party, he still gives me the creeps. Aviva Drescher really needs ger be fired from Real Housewives Of New York City. Drescher is faker than Lisa Hochstein's face and her book will be as genuine as Brandi Glanville's cheekbones. Carol was right in saying that Avaiva just talks about sex to 'make herself look important.' Drescher is dull adn has nothing better to do than talk about her father's gross sexcapades. Yes, it's sad what happened to Aviva Drescher as a child when she lost her leg, but how much more can Aviva milk her unfortunate past? If Aviva wants to be treated like everybody else, like she said in her very first episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, then maybe it's time for Aviva to shut up about her leg and stop exposing her zillions of phobias on RHONY! According to RadarOnline, Aviva is getting fazed out slowly from RHONY after not being on the last THREE episodes.

 If Aviva was fired from the show, that would be the greatest Housewives news to date! But we are not sure if New York Housewives is ready to dump Drescher just yet. Aviva Drescher missed a bunch of Housewives shows by missing the other ladies who took a trip to the Berkshires and then she was absent for the trip to Saratoga this week. "Aviva also refused to go to Montana with the women, so she won't be in those upcoming episodes either and they're planning to do the same thing with the opening credits -- take her out of them," Radar reported. But we're glad Aviva is acting up! Is Drescher really missed on RHONY? I honestly didn't even recognize Drescher wasn't there until I read the blogs online about how Drescher could be fired. There have been rumors for a while that Drescher could be fired because she didn't attend the RHONY madatory trips with the other Housewives during the season. But According to Rumor Fix, there is no truth to the rumors and Aviva is still going to remain on RHONY. Damn! Thought we could finally lose the crazy blond for good. We'd would love Aviva to get the boot!

When Aviva told Kristen to 'shut the f*ck up' at a childrens party, it really made me dislike Drescher even more. On top of that, Aviva gave sweet little Carol tons of sh*t about being a 'real writer' when Aviva is clearly not a writer but Carol is the most talented character on RHONY. Aviva is too faced, annoying, overly dramatic, and unentertaining to watch on New York Housewives. I really hope Aviva is fired.

'KackieJune' wrote: I dislike Aviva so much I considered discontinuing watching the New York Housewives, which I've done from the beginning. Speaking of Housewives, I am sick and tired of Vicki on the OC Housewives. And she's looking OLD despite all the fillers and Botox.

LTK wrote: Aviva and Ramona both need to go! All will see at the end of the season if bravo let's her go. Bravo is weak on all the crap they let happen on their shows. Aviva slandering Carole and Heather careers. Ramona throwing a glass at Kristen .Ramona lame apology to her Bravo let it all slide. Bravo needs a face lift and Andy should try growing up! Aviva is such a liar and phony. No one cared she was off the show. Wonder how Reeds family feels about Aviva and her father. She has no morals to bring George and his sex toy to TV. That family is a bunch of fools and all need mental help. She makes the show not fun to watch. I change the chanel when she is on. She is a dead beat on the show and bravo should fire her. The sexual harassment on the show is way out of line. Love the show can't stand Aviva!

Do you think Housewives should fire Aviva?


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