'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Kim Jae Joong Betrayed By His Best Friend

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The tenth episode of MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" that aired on the 24th of June featured the heartbreaking truth behind the relationship between Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong) and Hong Young Hwee (Jin Ee Han). 

As head of the family, Young Rae's older brother Hong Young Hwee had tried countless times to revive his family's honor. Regardless of his efforts however, Young Hwee's attempts were met with failure each and every time as the past continuoulsy followed his name. As a result, Hong Young Hwee is portrayed as a character who has a lot of contempt for the society and its authority figures.

During this episode, Hong Young Hwee comes up with a plan to get rid of Kim Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo). However, Hong Young Hwee could not kill him with complete ease regardless of his flawless plan. No matter how much he hates Kim Byung Hee, he is the father of Hong Young Hwee's childhood friend Kim Kyung Tak. Hong Young Hwee thinks to himself, 'Do I really have to kill the father of my childhood friend.. Those with power have taken wealth from the loyalty so all that is left to take is their lives.'

Before the rise of his revolution, Hong Young Hwee goes to see Kim Kyung Tak and tries to remain focused on his mission. To Kim Kyung Tak, Hong Young Hwee is a true friend as well as Young Rae's older brother. Although Kim Kyung Tak's proposal was not accepted, Hong Young Hwee decides to forget everything and tells Kim Kyung Tak, 'I came to see you as a friend' and asks for a moment to speak.

Hong Young Hwee says, 'In a way, we could have been a family even in the midst of the vendetta between our families.' Kim Kyung Tak responds with, 'Whether I am child of a concubine or not, she gave brith to me. I will not forgive you if you speak ill of her.' 

Hong Young Hwee then states, 'It might have been better if we didn't know each other... Just know this one thing. You have always been a great friend and I am always thankful' and began to show tears. Kim Kyung Tak realized there was something wrong about Hong Young Hwee but they parted ways before he could ask about anything.

However, it didn't take long for Kim Kyung Tak to figure out about what Hong Young Hwee was up to. Kim Kyung Tak hears from a source that Hong Young Hwee is after his father who, at the time was at Cho Dae Bi's banquet. After finding out the truth, Kim Kyung Tak tracks down Hong Young Hwee's whereabouts to confront him.

When Kim Kyung Tak sees Hong Young Hwee, he just freezes, thinking about their friendship and the possibility of them becoming a family. It is a moment that changes the fate of both men.

Hong Young Hwee takes advantage of the time he gained while Kim Kyung Tak was hesitating and begins to run. Kim Kyung Tak was fast enough to catch him but instead of doing so or shooting him with his gun, Kim Kyung Tak just begins to cry hysterically. To make it appear as though he at least attempted to catch Hong Young Hwee, Kim Kyung Tak shoots towards the sky.

Time Slip Dr Jin

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