'I Love Italy' Kim Ki Bum & Park Ye Jin Caught Dating In Public!

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On the 25th of June, the production crew of the tvN drama 'I Love Italy' released the beautiful still cuts of Park Ye Jin and Kim Ki Bum's street date.

In the photos that have been released, the friendship between Italy (Park Ye Jin) and Geum Eun Dong (Kim Ki Bum) that grew into love is clearly apparent as they are very comfortable with each other. After becoming an official couple, Italy and Geum Eun Dong are going on dates in public while Italy holds onto Geum Eun Dong's arm.

Park Ye Jin and Kim Ki Bum seem realistically happy as though they are an actual couple. Their flawless chemistry has been brought to attention for being so natural and lovey dovey.

Also, Park Ye Jin and Kim Ki Bum's fashion sense cannot be left out. Park Ye Jin is wearing a cute mini-dress that shows off her gorgeous figure while Kim Ki Bum is wearing a clean, fresh suit. The couple look as though they are walking down the red carpet.

Internet viewers who saw the photos responded with comments like, 'Are they finally on an official date? Such a pretty couple', 'I hope they have a lot of more happy moments together', 'It looks like a photo shoot, not a street date' and etc.

TvN's 'I Love Italy' features an eye catching fantasy story that contains comedy, romance and suspense and is aired every Mondays and Tuesdays.

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