Amanda Knox Murder Case Trial [UPDATE]: ‘Foxy Knoxy’ Petitions Italy’s Court Of Last Resort To Review Conviction; Cassation Court To Issue Verdict Late This Year?

Amanda Knox murder case trial lawyers asked Italy's Court of Last Resort to review conviction of the UW student on the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007. The Court of Cassation might issue its ruling on the petition late this year.

According to the report by the Associated Press, defense lawyer Luciano Ghirga filed the paperwork to the Court of Cassation, which is considered as Italy's highest criminal court, last week.

The news wire agency added that the defense filed the appeal after studying the written rationale of the appeals court in April that virtually reinstated the lower court's conviction on the Amanda Knox murder case trial.

Luciano Ghirga told AP that the Cassation judges-who will either uphold the conviction or order another trial-might study the case "late this year or in early 2015."

Earlier, Lisa Marie Baslie for HuffingtonPost made headlines when she appealed to female journalists to take the cudgels for the American student in light of Amanda Knox murder case trial conviction.

"I am making an appeal to all feminists and people of rational thought: We need to speak out, regardless of our beliefs. Beyond the fact that no credible or realistic evidence places Knox or her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito at the scene of Meredith Kercher's murder," Luna Luna Magazine founding editor Lisa Marie Baslie said.

She claimed that the media reports surrounding the Amanda Knox murder case trial and conviction "is an example of systematic character defamation -- the modern equivalent of throwing an accused witch into the lake to see if she drowns."

Amanda Knox admitted in April to King5 News that she's terrified about her future.

She said: "I'm very scared. It's so hard being a single person and having a greater authority pressing down upon you. But I'm feeling less alone here. I'm gaining inspiration and knowledge here and I hope to be able to carry that with me as I continue."

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