'Ghost' Gwak Do Won's Version of TaeTiSeo's Twinkle!

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During the 9th episode of 'Ghost' that aired on the 27th of June featured Kwon Hyuk Joo (Gwak Do Won) singing and dancing obnoxiously in order to keep information from leaking through wiretapping. 

Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sup) and Kwon Hyuk Joo find out that Cho Hyun Min (Um Ki Jun), the representative of World Securities, is involved in the muder of Nam Sang Won, another representative of World Securities. During their investigation at the scene of Nam Sang Won representative's murder, Kwon Hyuk Joo and Kim Woo Hyun discover the address of Nam Sang Won's driver. When they arrive at the address, they realize that the house is bugged. 

Very oddly, a radio program sent out a message that said, 'World Securities is watching everybody' that same afternoon. Kim Woo Hyun and Kwon Hyuk Joo realize that the people they are dealing with are extremely powerful and that their car had also been bugged.

When Kim Woo Hyun and Kwon Hyuk Joo realize that their car is bugged, they refrain from talking about the investigation. Instead, they turn on the radio and start talking about things that are completely irrelevant. Right then, TaeTiSeo's Twinkle begins to play on the radio. Suddenly Kwon Hyuk Joo begins to sing aloud to the song and even begins to dance to confuse the people who are listening on the other side.

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