K-Pop Contest in Washington D.C.! - 'I Want To Be A K-Pop Singer'

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According to a staff member at the Cultural Institute in Washington D.C., a total of 250 teams had submitted approximately 270 video clips featuring their ability to dance, sing and play instruments.  It has been reported that countless contestants were at the same level of talent as some of the top girl groups of Korea. The contest was announced through Facebook aimed at K-Pop fans.

There were many contestants who had submitted several video clips and others waited until the last minute to show off what they got. On the last day of the contest, more than a hundred new video clips were entered to be judged. A staff member at the Cultural Institute revealed that they were flooded with phone calls regarding the contest results.

Winners of the contest included contestants not only from the U.S. but from Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, China, Romania and more. The first place went to the Rogers siblings. In their award winning video, Janey Rogers, the older sister, sings and Simon Rogers show off her dance moves to the songs "History" by Exo-K and "Lucifer" by SHINee.

They revealed that whenever their favorite K-Pop groups release a new song, they put it on repeat and practice singing and rapping. From all the practicing, their ability to sing along to their favorite K-Pop songs is mind-blowing and sound as though a native Korean speaker is singing the songs.

The award winning video http://youtu.be/U1PRkF7J58A

Janey Rogers and Simon Rogers have a deep interest in K-Pop. Janey Rogers even gave herself a Korean name, Song Jin Yeon to become more accustomed to the Korean culture. Janey Rogers uploads her K-Pop videos on her YouTube channel, which can be viewed at: http://youtube.com/user/JennaCLuv and Simon Rogers is the president of the 'HALLYU MOVE' club at the West Florida University.

Janey Rogers and Simon Rogers both received a roundtrip ticket to Korea as well as a CD set signed by various K-Pop stars. The Rogers girls commented that they want to appear on TV shows and become celebrities in Korea.

The 2nd place went to the dance crew called, Epiphany Dance Crew who submitted a video of their dance cover of Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" music video. They are a professional dance crew who even teach K-Pop dance classes since 2008. They received a home theater system for placing 2nd.

There was another group that received 2nd place. They are a dance team from Boston University called 9Ten Crew, who created an impressive music video containing songs by BoA, SHINee, Big Bang, and Exo-K.

3rd place also went to two groups.

One of them is called I Love Dance, which is a professional dance group from New York and the other is Regulator Team, a K-Pop dance club from the State University of NC.

K-Pop stars like TVXQ, Big Bang, Girls' Generation, and Wonder Girls participated in the event as endorsement models for the contest and even appeared in this year's contest video.

Director Choi Byung Goo stated, 'We considered many factors, such as the contestants' understanding of K-Pop and the Korean culture. With the popularity and the success of this event in mind, we plan to create more events in the future to spread the Hallyu sensation.'

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