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Park Bom Reportedly Disguised Amphetamine As Snacks When Shipping Them To Korea

By Staff Writer | July 03, 2014 01:22 AM EDT


More information has come to light about Park Bom's amphetamine smuggling case.

At the end of June, the Korean media reported that 2NE1's Park Bom had been involved in a smuggling incident in 2010. According to several reports, a package addressed to Park Bom via her grandmother with Amphetamine pills, which are illegal in South Korea, was caught at Incheon International Airport customs. The case was registered with the Seoul prosecutors. However, the case was suspended, and no charges were ever filed.

After initial confusion among fans and netizens as to why Park Bom wasn't prosecuted for the crime, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk published a statement. He explained that Park Bom had a prescription for the drugs from the United States due to a traumatic childhood incident. He added that Park Bom hadn't been aware of the fact that mailing the pills would be a problem. Because of this, no charges were pressed.

However, on July 2, Korean news sources reported that during the initial incident, Park Bom's grandmother had said, "It is a jelly shaped snack. My daughter [Park Bom's mother] said that it was diet medicine."

If Park Bom had a prescription for the drugs, and wasn't aware that it was illegal, it is unclear why she reportedly had her package disguised as candy and told her grandmother that the pills were for dieting.

Korean netizens responded things like, "another lie?" and expressed confusion as to why YG Entertainment released a statement saying that Park Bom was unaware of doing anything wrong. The Seoul Prosecutor's office is also reportedly under suspicion for covering up the situation due to Park Bom's celebrity status. 

Some fans are also questioning Park Bom's age, wondering whether she was born anywhere between 1984 and 1981, due to the timeline of events. It is an open secret in the South Korean entertainment industry that some idols use different ages, so as to appeal to more fans by seeming more youthful. Park Bom's official birthdate is March 24, 1984, but fans are pointing out discrepencies relating to her high school graduation date and trainee period.

Regardless of the truth of the situation, both Park Bom and YG Entertainment are already being publicly scrutinized for how the issue has been handled. Even if everything is revealed to be completely legitimate, both the company and the singer have come under fire for credibility, and many fans are now concerned that this may have a long lasting effect on Park Bom, 2NE1, and YG Entertainment.

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