'Unexpected You' Total of 8 More Episodes Added!

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Due to the popularity of the KBS2 weekend drama, 'Unexpected You', 8 additional episodes have been scheduled to be added. The extention of the drama has been announced after checking the schedules of each production crew member as well as the schedules of the actors. As a result, a drama that was to end after 50 episodes will now end after 58.

'Unexpected You' is the hottest drama of summer at the moment and has received almost 40% viewing rate. The simple but complicated story that is featured in 'Unexpected You' is described as the drama that has the ability to make the audience cry and laugh. Viewers have commented that 'Unexpected You' contains realistic material with realistic lines in addition to lovable characters. With the drama's rise in popularity, the popularity of the starring actors are significantly rising as well.

The story began with young Bang Gwi Nam (Yoo Jun Sang) who goes missing and caught the attention of the audience with the complications that rose from the situation. Knowing Bang Gwi Nam as an orphan, Cha Yun Hee (Kim Nam Joo) marries him thinking she won't have to deal with the in-laws but his family appears out of nowhere and the story gets interesting. 

There is also a mini love story between Cha Se Gwang (CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk), who is Cha Yun Hee's little brother. Everything is good until Cha Yun Hee finds out that Cha Se Gwang is dating her husband's sister!

'Unexpected You' has remained consistently popular since the beginning of the story and reaching 40% viewing rate is right in front of its eyes. At this rate, it seem that 'Unexpected You' will have no problems of reaching the 40% viewing rate before it ends.

A representative of the drama stated, 'I can actually feel the increase in the popularity. A large amount of fans show up to the location of the filming to show support. It feels good to see that the viewers are really enjoying the drama which also makes the actors very happy. It gives us strength to hear people refer to our drama as the national drama. Please keep showing us support and love in the future.'

Unexpected You
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