'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Park Min Young's Incredible Dedication

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On the 29th of June, behind the scenes photos of the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" were released through the official website of "Time Slip Dr. Jin." One of the photos stood out from the rest for revealing actress Park Min Young concentrating on her acting even during her break.

In the photo of Park Min Young, she seems as though she is very focused on something on her smartphone while having her earphones on. Park Min Young is watching the rerun of the drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

A staff member of the production crew revealed, "Most of the time on set, Park Min Young is always focused on going over her script as well as watching the drama during breaks to monitor her own acting."

The staff continued, "I think the reason how Park Min Young is successfully playing the roles of two characters is because of her level of dedication in trying to understand her characters."

In the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Young Rae (Park Min Young) is faced with the biggest challenge when she is set up for a crime. 

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