'Big' The Beginning of miss A Suzy's Heartbreak?

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On the 10th episode of KBS 2TV drama "Big" that was aired on the 3rd of July featured Jang Ma Ri (miss A member Suzy) secretly spying on Kil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) and Kang Kyung Jun in Seo Yun Jae's (Gong Yoo) body at their newly-wed house.

For Jang Ma Ri, it has become a daily routine for her to go check on Kang Kyung Jun at his house twice a day. During this episode, Jang Ma Ri is heading over to Kang Kyung Jun's house with Kil Choong Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) regardless of how hard Choong Sik tries to stop her from stalking the newly-wed couple at their house.

When Jang Ma Ri and Kil Choong Sik arrive at Kang Kyung Jun's house, they witness Kil Da Ran telling Kang Kyung Jun to eat his beans while they eat together. After hearing their conversation, Jang Ma Ri says to Kil Choong Sik, "Dr. Seo hates eating beans", which surprises Choong Sik. 

Prior to witnessing the newly-wed couple's conversation about beans, Jang Ma Ri had asked Kil Choong Sik, "If you go to movies with someone even though you don't even want to watch the movie, it probably means you like them, right?" and Kil Choong Sik had replied, "About 80 points?"

After seeing Kil Da Ran ordering Kyung Jun to eat his beans, Jang Ma Ri asks Choong Sik, "If you keep telling somebody to do something they don't want to do, their score probably goes down, right?" and tried to make herself feel better. To Jang Ma Ri's surprise however, Kang Kyung Jun begins to eat his beans. Jang Ma Ri mumbles to herself, "He's eating his beans?" and becomes extremely disappointed after realizing that Kyung Jun really does love Kil Da Ran. 

Jang Ma Ri asks Choong Sik, "If you would eat something you really hate, how high would the score be?" Kil Choong Sik replies, "I would say, about 90 points?"

Jang Ma Ri becomes depressed and mumbles to herself, "If she has 90 points.. that only leaves me with 10..."

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