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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Jessica And f(x) Krystal Different Reactions To Camera Light

July 04, 2012 07:24 AM EDT

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Jessica and Krystal Different / Credit: Jessica and Krystal Different

Recently on an online community, there was a post titled, "The Difference Between Jessica And Krystal." In the post, it shows videos of Jessica shutting her eyes in response to camera flashes and those of Krystal not even blinking.

The video's were from the promotion for the movie, "I AM." Both Girls' Generation and f(x) members were bombarded with flashing cameras. Those who noticed the stark difference in response between the sisters thought it was fun to watch.

Internet users commented, "Jessica's cute and Krystal's cool", "Even those in the audience were bothered by the flashes, but Krystal didn't even budge", "Even in this short footage you can see how different the sisters are" and "How can they be sisters and be this different?"

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