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100-Meter Russian Crater Caused By UFO [VIDEO]? Sighting Ignites Speculations And Panic!

By Robert Kuang | July 17, 2014 12:26 PM EDT


A 100-meter crater has been discovered in Russia, and UFO enthusiasts are convinced this sighting caused by extraterrestrial forces.

According to the Guardian, the crater was discovered in the isolated region of Yamal, which translates to "the end of the Earth" in the local Nenets language.

Currently there are several theories regarding the cause of the Russian crater, and one involves UFO technology.

"This massive hole was discovered this week in Russia, and please notice that the dirt inside had been thrown outward," said Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily. "This is a sign that something below the surface bore its way out of the Earth and the only thing with technology to do that would be an alien ship."

In addition to UFO theories, other observers also believe it could be a natural gas explosion.

"A mixture of water, salt and gas may have ignited an underground explosion," commented Nicodin Bogdan on YouTube. "Another possibility is that the gas pocket may simply have built up enough pressure to pop like a Champagne cork, though given that the earth around the eruption is burned, that seems unlikely. I'm no geologist but that's calcined rock right there. I guess alien stories are more interesting than science."

Check out the YouTube video showing the Russian crater below.


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