‘Matrix 4’ Rumors: Sequel Called “Matrix Resurrection” To Start A New Trilogy Of Matrix Movies? Wachowskis Already Writing Script For Warner's Next Franchise!

"The Matrix" is now considered a modern classic. When it was released in 1999, the theme of questioning the very fabric of reality was totally in vogue. 15 years later, is it time to have another Matrix movie-or maybe, three of them.

"The Matrix" was followed by two sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions." The last two installments were met with strong criticism and were too disappointing when compared to the first movie. Despite the collective feeling that the Wachowski's never really got to explain what the Matrix was about, it was better to let it end.

Warner is busy trying to make a bigger splash against main rival Disney. Disney is all ablaze with their Marvel projects and the new "Star Wars" installment has Warner on its heels to resurrect one of their old aces. Latino Review reported this:

"Warner Bros. is desperate for a surefire franchise and will be making a push to have the new Matrix films ready to up against any new Star Wars and Avatar films by 2017.

So the big question, will Mr. Anderson be back? Who knows!! One of the early outlines was about the birth of the Matrix and now that WB is Terminator-less, some of suits would like to explore that early world but it's way too early and the story is still very fluid.

I've been also told to that the previous animated Matrix films will not have any effect on the live action movies.

Will keep you updated with all the denials."

The last statement may be LR's admission that it's a long shot, but if we were to base interest for the project there are already fan-made trailers entitled "Matrix Resurrection." It seems like a logical title, but despite any claims to the contrary, it is clearly fake.

The Wachowskis' box office record have been spotty to say the least, but they will be on the clock again with "Jupiter Ascending" in 2015. Will this be a gauge on whether the Wachowskis still have it? How will the box-office results affect the Matrix project?

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