Direct Sales Manager

KpopStarz is seeking Direct Sales Manager that will bring company's digital brand to the next level with innovated advertising programs. We are looking for candidate that is a creative visionary who will develop proactive, innovative and market-driven ad sales initiatives and consistently produce revenue to meet and exceed aggressive targets. An ideal candidate should be social media savvy, resourceful enough to develop new business model that will take company's advertising programs half step ahead from advertisers' needs. This person should have existing relationships with digital ad agencies or advertising decision makers to whom company's digital brand can immediately be reached out.


  • Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent
  • 3 years sales experience in media and digital platform
  • Proven success in selling within the print and digital advertising space with established knowledge of and relationships with advertising decision makers.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships through strong interpersonal skills
  • Business development or strategy experience is a plus
  • Successful sales experience with companies in Korea or Asian American targeted companies is a plus


  • Reach and exceed advertising revenue targets for company's publications
  • Assist in development and implementation of ad strategy and business model
  • Provide timely, high quality responses to RFPs
  • Attend regular meetings with agencies & marketers to provide expert knowledge of our online product offerings and deliver innovative solutions
  • Collaborate with management and other departments to generate agreements with vendors, technology partners, distribution, promotion and content partners

Please note that this position is a commission based contracted.

Please send your resume, cover letter, any work sample or portfolio (if applicable) to

Interviews are granted and hiring decisions are based on many factors. While the list above represents an ideal candidate, exceptions are made for any items on a case-by-case basis.

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