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MBLAQ Is Back In The Studio

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 12:37PM EST

Mir confirmed the group is definitely working on their next album.

B2ST Releases Valentine’s Video Gift

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 12:21PM EST

New video for fans from B2ST on V Day!

Big Bang Making A Bang On TV!

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 11:17AM EST

Commercials, a Navier app, and a whole new image. Welcome back Big Bang.


SOLD OUT : 2PM “Hands Up Asia Tour Concert” In Bangkok, Hong Kong, Nanjing

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 10:11AM EST

Hallyu is making waves in China with an obscene amount of ticket sales.


Shinhwa's Concert Ticket Sales: Sold Out in 40 Minutes, Raises 1.78M USD

Breaking News 02.13.12 | 07:01PM EST

“Shinhwa is back.”

NEW REALITY SHOW: Kpop Stars To Run Entertainment Company

Breaking News 02.13.12 | 03:10PM EST

MTV Korea is ready to let pop stars run the show!


Breaking News 02.13.12 | 02:06PM EST

SNSD, MBLAQ and more are scheduled already!

DESTROYED: SNSD's Jessica Portrait

Headlines 02.13.12 | 12:16PM EST

The Melbourne tagging was colored over and no one is happy about it.


Yoon Jong Shin diagnosed with a rare chronic disease

Breaking News 02.12.12 | 07:02PM EST

Yoon Jong Shin diagnosed with a rare disease

BEAST appears in Berliner Zeitung Newspaper!

BEAST Featured In Berliner Zeitung Newspaper!

Headlines 02.11.12 | 09:50PM EST

BEAST arrived in Berlin on the 11th for their exclusive performance "BEAUTIFUL SHOW in Berlin."


CNN reports "South Korea K-pop takes off in the west"

Headlines 02.11.12 | 02:59AM EST

America's popular media CNN reported that SNSD had spread k-pop all over the world.

Lee Jun Ki and Yu Leea

Lee Jun Ki's New Girlfriend?

Breaking News 02.10.12 | 08:27PM EST

The media reports that Lee Jun Ki has been going out with Yu Leea, a former Miss Korea and actress.

2AM Sets New Standard For K-Pop In Japan

Breaking News 02.10.12 | 05:47PM EST

2AM is the first Korean group to do this in Japan. What is it?

Park Yuchun

JYJ Park Yuchun Denies the Rumor,"I Am Not That Idol Who Got Threatened!"

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 10:11PM EST

JYJ's Park Yucheon strongly denied the rumor that he is the idol who got threatened by an ex-girlfriend with a semi-nude photo.

Collaboration: SNSD's Seohyun and Yoon Gunon

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 05:46PM EST

It looks like these two are getting ready to make beautiful magic together.

Lee Jun Ki To Hold Fan Meetings And Release A New Single

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 05:29PM EST

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Big Bang In The Big Apple

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 04:31PM EST

WOW! More kpop stars are in NYC!

Kim Jaejoong Dubbed Korean Tarkan

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 04:07PM EST

This is surely the highest compliment to the awesome Kim Jaejoong.

SCANDAL: Kpop Star Getting Blackmailed For $890,000 By Ex-Girlfriend

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 02:13PM EST

AN ex, a wad of cash, and a nude video. What could go wrong?

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Showers The Needy In Rice!

Headlines 02.09.12 | 11:19AM EST

He donated over 2 tons of rice to the elderly and impoverished children.

Stars Back In New York: "Fashion King" Is Being Shot On Location!

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 10:55AM EST

Once again, New York hosts Korea's very talented stars,.

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