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SNSD Sooyoung

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: SNSD Leaves 'Live With Kelly"

Breaking News 02.01.12 | 11:01AM EST

Check out more exclusive footage from kpopstarz!


So Far SNSD Trip To NYC Is A Good Idea

Breaking News 02.01.12 | 10:36AM EST

Looks like the hard work is paying off.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Girls' Generation Arriving At "Live With Kelly"

Headlines 02.01.12 | 10:27AM EST

We were on the scene and got them leaving the van!!!

SNSD Taeyeon

Exclusive: Kpopstars On The Scene When Girls' Generation Arrived at "Live With Kelly"

Headlines 02.01.12 | 09:30AM EST

We were there standing by with 200 fans

cancelled programs

MBC on Strike - Shows Cancelled. UPDATED

Breaking News 01.31.12 | 07:25PM EST

Update on MBC labor strike.

infinite challenge

MBC on Strike - Shows Cancelled.

Breaking News 01.31.12 | 06:43PM EST

MBC labor go on strike - cancelling at least a week's worth of shows including the popular show, "Infinite Challenge," "We Got Married," and more.


B2ST World Tour Performance

Breaking News 01.30.12 | 11:56PM EST

B2est announces a tour around 14 nations.

Girls Generation

Girls’ Generation Invades America

Breaking News 01.30.12 | 02:05PM EST

The invasion has begun as Girls' Generation begins their tour in America.

Hwa Young's Breast Exposed On TV- Can It Happen Again? Yes

Headlines 01.30.12 | 11:45AM EST

If star's aren't careful, they can be next.

Sex Scandal With Former "Superstar K-3" Contestant

Headlines 01.30.12 | 10:59AM EST

Chris uses Facebook to share his thoughts.

JYJ The Day

JYJ 'The Day' Premier Cancelled

Breaking News 01.30.12 | 12:15AM EST

The premier of JYJ's 'The Day' documentary-movie was suddenly cancelled due to contract issues.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park: "Can't wait for Se7en's new song!"

Breaking News 01.29.12 | 10:00PM EST

Sandara Park praises Se7en's new song which will be featured on February 1st.

JYJ Considers to Add 1,000 Seats for Peru Concert

Breaking News 01.29.12 | 07:38AM EST

JYJ's agency is considering to add more seats to the concert in Peru to accommodate the fans who have not bought their tickets.

Seven's Comeback

YG and JYP Come Together for Se7en's Comeback

Breaking News 01.29.12 | 05:25AM EST

A sneak preview of Seven's comeback song was released. Reviewer were surprise to see Se7en singing to Park Jin Young playing the piano.


Rapid Fire Outsider to be married in March to a woman three year older?

Breaking News 01.27.12 | 06:33PM EST

The news seems unclear as to the age and identity of Outsider's new wife, but recent news have updated what we know.

Schedule For Girls' Generation Next Week- There's a Prize For Attending All Events

Breaking News 01.27.12 | 05:17PM EST

Meet the girls, get a prize

Never Before Seen Footage- On The Set With The Wonder Girls

Breaking News 01.27.12 | 04:24PM EST

This video was released less than an hour ago!r

Big Bang Releases Two More Tracks

Headlines 01.27.12 | 02:11PM EST

It's true! YG Entertainment broke the news.


Breaking News 01.26.12 | 09:31PM EST

It's true. No R.S.V.P. required.

KARA Announces a Japanese Date For Their Solo Tour “KARASIA”

Breaking News 01.26.12 | 02:34PM EST

It's official! KARA will tour throughout all of Asia in addition to Korea.

Another US Celebrity Praises Kpop Idols

Breaking News 01.26.12 | 11:44AM EST

Anyone still think kpop can't make it in America?

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