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Lee Min Ho

TV NEWS: “Happy Camp” Makes Lee Min Ho is Number 1 In China

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 03:43PM EST

Lee Min Ho wins the best ratings in two years!

super junior

Winners from the 21st Seoul Music Awards

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 12:00PM EST

K-Pop stars got together at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium to attend the 21st Seoul Music Awards.

Girls Generation

Performances from 21st Seoul Music Awards

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 11:25AM EST

K-Pop stars performed at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium for the 21st Seoul Music Awards .

INVITATION: Go To The Premiere of “The Wonder Girls” Movie

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 02:29AM EST

Watch the premiere of Teen Nick event "The Wonder Girls" with the stars themselves.


SHINee World DVD secures #2 on Oricon

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 10:43PM EST

‘SHINee The First Concert in Japan- SHINEE WORLD’ DVD released on January 11 in Japan, sold a total of 29,000 copies within the first week of sales.

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Actor Wins “Fashionista Award”

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 09:09PM EST

Is there anything that comes in contact with “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” that isn't amazing?

Jessica and Kim Jin Pyo

HEAR IT FIRST: Girls’ Generation Star Jessica Teams Up With Rapper Kim Jin Pyo for “Wild Romance"

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 06:00PM EST

Jessica from Girls' Generation and Kim Jin Pyo are releasing a new track tomorrow. Kpopstarz has it today!

U-Kiss’ Kevin Named Luckiest Kpop Star in 2012

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 04:33PM EST

WIll U-Kiss hit number one? Will he fall in love? Only 2012 will tell.

Super Junior’s Donghae and actress Son Eun Seo Getting Married?

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 04:17PM EST

Looks like these two are the next pair to take the plunge.

Korean Public Music Awards

Nominees of Korean Public Music Awards

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 04:14PM EST

Korean Public Music Awards announced the award nominees on January 18.

The Moon Embraces the Sun

Total Domination: “The Moon Embraces the Sun” Blows Competition Into Oblivion

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 02:06PM EST

With only five episodes aired, it's clear this show will be on the top for a while.

Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min Confirmed to be JYJ Yoo Chun’s Princess in “Rooftop Prince”

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 10:17AM EST

SBS announced Han Ji Min has confirmed to play the leading female role for upcoming historical drama “Rooftop Prince.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori vs… Cattle Farmers?

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 10:15AM EST

Lee Hyori sparks an international debate when she comments on the treatment of cattle in Korea.

Girls' Generation

Will 2012 Give Girls’ Generation a Run For Their Money?

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 05:13PM EST

Everyone loves Girls' Generation, but could there be a new super group about to take over?

Kim SOohyun

Sweet Scene: Samdong in “Dream High 2” Will be Played by Kim Soohyun

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 04:49PM EST

Kim Soohyun confirms "Dream High 2" cameo to the delight of fans everywhere.

Suzy and Le Je Hoon

miss A Suzy Tweets Her New Movie Preview

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 04:47PM EST

miss A’s Suzy tweeted on January 15, “The preview for ‘Introduction to Architecture’ is out! Click Click!” also attaching the link to the movie preview.

Nine Muses “News” Choreography Will Not Be Modified Any Further

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 02:02PM EST

Nine Muses has received heavy criticism for their new song “News” choreography for being too provocative.

Girls' Generation

WANTED: Girls’ Generation on “I am A Singer”

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 01:16PM EST

Do they have what it takes to participate on "Singer"??

Girls Generation

Girls’ Generation Masters J-Pop Just As They Did K-Pop

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 12:29PM EST

History was made today when Girls' Generation became the first Korean artists to top the Oricon charts for 17 weeks. Who's next?


Dark Times are Over: Cable Blackout Ends and Viewers Win

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 10:43AM EST

A briedf stand off took place between KCTA and KBS Monday night... short but not sweet.

Won Bin

Commercial Appeal: Girls’ Generation Teams Up With Won Bin

Breaking News 01.16.12 | 03:43PM EST

Won Bin and Girls' Generation team up for LG!

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