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Even A Blizzard Can't Stop Them: 2,000 Fans Rushed To Meet TVXQ

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 03:34PM EST

TVXQHas very loyal fans.

Hey American Fans, Want A TVXQ Fan Meet?

Headlines 02.22.12 | 01:55PM EST

Calling All Fans! You are needed here.

Girls' Generation Wins Two Awards!

Headlines 02.22.12 | 12:41PM EST

This really is their year.

1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Award

Winners of Gaon Chart 1st K-Pop Awards

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 10:32AM EST

The Korea Music Content Industry Association announced the winners of “First Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” on February 22.


Breaking News 02.22.12 | 10:25AM EST

The music video Blue draws over 1.5 million YouTube views!

Son HoYoung Confession:

Son HoYoung Confession: "I dated a member of a girl group"

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 07:04AM EST

On the cable channel KBS Joy Quiz Show 'The Chair Korea' aired on the 22nd, Son HoYoung revealed many things that he could not have revealed during the days of god.

Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Headlines 02.21.12 | 07:12PM EST

Some similarities, some differences. Which hold more weight?

FIRST EVER Asian Girl Group Hits Number 1 in US, Beats Girls' Generation

Breaking News 02.21.12 | 02:22PM EST

And no, it isn't SNSD, the Wonder Girls, or T-ara.

Kara's Kim Gyuri

KARA's Park Gyuri Gets Ready for Surgery

Breaking News 02.20.12 | 03:11AM EST

Park Gyuri will be getting a surgery to remove nodules and polyps found in her vocal cords last November.

Block B

Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Breaking News 02.19.12 | 07:17PM EST

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand.

2PM's Nikkun

2PM's Nichkhun Criticizing Block B's Interview

Breaking News 02.19.12 | 08:28AM EST

In his tweet, 2PM's Nichkhun appears to be criticizing Block B's interview in Thailand.


TVXQ Niigata Concert Sells Out Even Limited View Seats

Breaking News 02.17.12 | 02:34PM EST

TVXQ Japan tour concert is continuing on with great success. Not only did the entire seats get completely sold out for Fukuoka concert on February 11-12.

Girls Generation

SM Entertainment Takes Legal Action for Girls' Generation's Photoshopped Nude Photos

Breaking News 02.16.12 | 12:13PM EST

Girls’ Generation was the next victim in the long list of female celebrities of nude photoshopped photos.

Ye Eun

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun is an Angel

Breaking News 02.16.12 | 03:09AM EST

It has been recently revealed through a TV show that Ye Eun paid for her friend's tuition.


Girls' Generation Appeared On French TV Today

Headlines 02.15.12 | 05:19PM EST

View the clip now

HEAR IT FIRST: Exid's Debut Music Video

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 04:41PM EST

Kpopstarz.con brought it to you first!

New Drama Unfolds For "The Moon That Embraces The Sun"

Headlines 02.15.12 | 11:28AM EST

Netziens are not sure how they feel about

JYJ Documentary Release Confirmed

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 11:12AM EST

It was a rough battle but at least it ended with a victory.

"Gaon Chart Awards" Awards Listed

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 10:50AM EST

Check out all the exciting info!

Japan- 2NE1 Has A Surprise For You!!

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 10:39AM EST

This once comes int the form of a brand new album.

Gaon Award Site Open To Public!

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 10:18AM EST

Anything and everything related to the event is now in one place/

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